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Welcome to the Nourish Blog. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find inspiration for cooking plant based recipes, developing healthy habits and learning about intermittent fasting and essential oils. 

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Miranda Lewis

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What I would tell my younger self….

If I had a time machine and could go back to my younger self – the one who was obsessed with how her body looked and believed that her worth was tied to her size and therefore manipulated her food choices to eat as little as possible so as to be as small as possible […]

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I’m Miranda.
Proving to you that healthy can be fun, and delicious! A busy working mum myself, here to share simple and effective ways to look and feel your best. 
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Miranda Lewis

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I knew from a young age that sugar was bad, that my mum disapproved of it, that even though it was delicious I shouldn’tlike it, or want it. So to avoid getting in trouble I snuck sugar. I would grab a sugar lump when no one was looking, sneak the jar of Nutella up to my bedroom to […]

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Miranda Lewis

If you have experienced moments of emotional eating or binge eating episodes you will know how much guilt and shame can be attached to those events. As I share in this week’s episode of The Positive Nutrition Podcast punishment and guilt are not the tools that will support you to break the binge cycle. Instead, […]

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Balanced plate

Learn how to create balanced meals without sacrificing taste or enjoyment in this practical and tactical episode of the Positive Nutrition podcast. In this episode I introduce the VIP’s framework: I explain the importance of each component and offer tips for incorporating them into your meals. This is not a time consuming process, it’s a […]

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Miranda Lewis

Diets have consequences, many consequences. Here are just a few key ones: On this week’s episode of the Positive Nutrition podcast, I share how you can lose weight (if that’s truly what you need) without dieting. I break down 5 healthy habits that can support you towards your weight loss goals whilst also benefitting you […]

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Miranda Lewis

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Positive Nutrition Podcast! In this episode, I share my story from disordered eating to food freedom and I give you a feel for the kind of content you can expect from the Positive Nutrition Podcast.  What is Positive Nutrition? Positive Nutrition is a term I coined, combining my […]

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The Nourish Blog

This is a blog that aims to inspire and empower you, leaving you feeling positive + uplifted about nurtition. I want to share what healthy eating really looks like free from diets, fads, quick fixes, dogmatic rules and unachievable perfectionism. 


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Healthy can be simple and delicious, let me prove it to you. 

I know it's hard to make time for yourself. The demands are endless and your to-do list is never ending. That's why being healthy needs to be a lifestyle choice, an automated part of who you are, otherwise it will never happen. It's easier than you think, let me show you! 

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Guilt-free Chocolate Recipes 

With my easy to follow e-book you will receive:
  •  7 delicious, gluten & dairy-free, low sugar chocolate treat recipes.
  • You'll learn how to make: raw cacao chocolates, chocolate mousse, peanut butter freezer bites, vegan snickers bar, hot cacao with fresh nut-milk and easy peasy nice-cream.

And all the recipes are super simple and quick to make, because I KNOW, just like me, when you want chocolate, you want it NOW!



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