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Has diet culture, your upbringing, or social influences affected the way you think about food and your body? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably found yourself struggling with obsessive food thoughts, body image issues, or even disordered eating patterns. 

Before we go any further, let’s set the record straight: This is not your fault. Since its inception, diet culture has introduced toxic food beliefs, harmful eating patterns, and unattainable body standards to so many of us.

A New

If food struggles have taken a hold of your life, know that you’re not alone and you’re in the right place to change that. I support women as they regain trust in their bodies, practice balanced eating, and learn how to enjoy food again so they can find real fulfilllment in life.

You can break free — from dieting, societal pressures, guilt-ridden food habits, emotional eating, and binge eating epidsodes.

"There is a saying that our body is a temple and this message really reached me and I began looking at my body that way.
To me that was the biggest best possible outcome of this experience. This huge mindset shift. I am feeling it’s impact on what food I put in my mouth. I know it’s only one small step in the direction towards wholeness but I greatly appreciate this view change." 

- AnnaMaria 

It's what you do most of the time,
not the one-offs that matters. 

Life is too short not to enjoy a slice of pizza with your kids, or an icecream when it's hot, or to waste time feeling guilty about what you eat.

A healthy lifestyle isn't about all or nothing, it's about making choices that nourish you: mind, body + soul.

It is not a diet, or about deprivation, it's about self-love and respect. 

Feeling confident and comfortable in your body is one part strategy (understanding how to eat so that YOU feel amazing) and the other  part your approach and psychology towards food and your body. 

how to become a truly healthy eater

Top resources

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Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, this guide will help you to get enough of this important macronutrient. 


15-minutes of Yoga to start or end your day right

Get my short but effective, gentle but energising yoga videos to start or end your day feeling stretched, and full of positive energy. 


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I want to share what healthy eating really looks like free from diets, fads, quick fixes, dogmatic rules and unachievable perfectionism. 

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"Miranda is calm, compassionate and knowledgable. She doesn't believe in faddy dieting, or body shaming, rather instilling habits that help her clients feel better inside and out.
I would thoroughly recommend working with her."

- Jessica 

MY journey

I don't define health as a number on the scales, or the strength of my body but by how 

 vibrant and alive

For too long I derived my feeling of self worth from the size of my body and what jeans I could fit into. I wasn't happy, healthy or living my life. Fast forwards a decade or so and now I couldn't care less what the number on the scales is or what size jeans I am wearing. I prioritise REAL health which is measured by vibrancy, energy, joy and radiance. Healthy eating isn't about yearning to be a certain weight, it's an act of self-love helping you feel your best. 

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I feel. 

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