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I see you, a busy mum with a mile-long to do list putting in 16-hour days. Despite a bit too much coffee you're exhausted, and running on empty. I've been there - ahem - still there some days! You don't love the extra bit of jiggle, or that you're constantly tired and stressed - you know you need to install some healthy habits - and every Monday you wake up with that intention...  but by the time you've put the kids to bed you're exhausted and a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine seems like your best idea yet! 

3 simple habits to help you reach your ideal weight without dieting

Whole Food Eating


Focussing on real whole foods, mainly plants, will have every cell in your body zinging with goodness, help banish cravings and have you looking radiant. You don't need to follow a specific diet, just focus on making meals about nourishment. And yes, I'll show you how to do this in the same time as it takes to make a sandwich! 

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Intermittent Fasting

This is the fastest way to improve your health and shift an unwanted roll (or two). Time restricted eating means eating less often, not less. Which actually saves you time as there's one less meal you need to prep and clean up - bonus! 

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Strengthening & Stress reducing Yoga

How would you like a 15 minute yoga video landing in your inbox for free for the next 5 days? Grab the recordings from my 5 day yoga challenge to start your morning with a stretch and a positive mindset. Nothing is more important than your vibration, so start your day with intention. 

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I have just tried the first of your recipes on the healthy eating plan, and it was the most delicious and healthy meal I have had in a long time!"

Holly, working mum, UK” 

It's what you do most of the time,
not the one-offs that matters. 

Life is too short not to enjoy a slice of pizza with your kids, or an icecream when it's hot, or to waste time feeling guilty about what you eat.

A healthy lifestyle isn't about all or nothing, it's about making choices that nourish you: mind, body + soul.

It is not a diet, or about deprivation, it's about self-love and respect. 

Feeling confident and comfortable in your body is one part strategy (understanding how to eat so that YOU feel amazing) and one part manifesting the body you desire through your thoughts and words. 

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Top resources

Best sources of Veggie Protein

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, this guide will help you to get enough of this important macronutrient. 


The Good, the Bad + the Ugly: Carbs

There are some carbs that you should be eating on the reg, and some that you would do best avoiding. 


Healthy Chocolate without the sugar crash

I love chocolate, not sugar - or at least not the effect sugar has on my body. Grab my free healthy chocolate e-book for delicious recipes which leave you feeling amazing. 

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I don't define health as a number on the scales, or the strength of my body but by how 

 vibrant and alive

The juggle is real, and I get it. 
But business isn't an anomaly. It's a regular part of life, and it's here to stay. 
When is life ever not going to be busy?
Because straight after XYZ comes ABC. 
So if we keep hitting snooze on. our wellbeing, until a less busy time comes along, we may just be hitting snooze forever. The trick is in making your lifestyle work for you not a chore that you never get to. 

The time is now

I feel. 

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You're busy right? Me too! So I created this simple 3 Day Meal Plan full of delicious plant-based recipes to show you how healthy CAN be simple. 

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Healthy Snickers bar (my fave chocolate treat)

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