Hi there! I’m Miranda, a holistic health coach, yoga teacher, mum and wellness entrepreneur.

A gemini who loves the sun, healthy food that tastes delicious, strong coffee + dark chocolate and holidays anywhere there's a beach! 


I was a postgraduate of Psychology applying to do a Masters when I had a light bulb moment! 

I can remember exactly where I was and precisely what I was doing as it dawned on me that if I continued my path to becoming a psychologist I would be studying for another 4 years (at least) without a guarantee of a job at the end of it. Was that really how I wanted to spend the rest of my 20's..... especially when I was already earning money, and doing something that I loved: teaching yoga. Why not make that my full time business? So I did, and it's the best decision I ever made. 

My husband Beetle, and my daughters India & Jasmine, in our favourite place: Koh Samui

My desire has always been to help people, as long as I'm doing that I know I'm following my purpose. 

Hi from me in my studio in Oxfordshire where you'll likely find me in my lulu lemons, sipping espresso and guzzling water (which means I have to pee every hour, no joke) on 1-1 calls with clients, walking in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside (with a podcast in my ears and my pup by my side) or cooking a veggie bolognese and something containing raw chocolate for my family in the evening. 

I'm a Schitt's Creek addict (and unapologetically include too many gifs from the shows in my weekly Nourish Newsletter).

I live a pretty dreamy existence making my living doing my dream job: connecting and helping people as a health entrepreneur balanced with mum-life (my two girls are are 5 + 9). I always end my days with a candle-lit essential oil bath and prioritise 8 hours sleep (for everyone's sake!).

Whilst I'm uber positive and perhaps annoyingly keen to always look for the silver lining I'm super grumpy if I don't get 8 hours sleep and am told that I'm very scary (despite only being 5 foot 2 inches) on the rare occasions when I shout, normally at my husband (sorry!)




I live for a great jumper. Seriously, I own like 54. 


I can't sing. Never have been able to. Probably never will #secretshame


I can not watch anything remotely scary without having nightmares #embarrassing


I have weird looking thumbs, they look like big toes! My sister calls them hammer head thumbs. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet


Guilty pleasure

Any rom-com

alternate universe job:

A walking guide, I love hiking! 

favorite place i've been:

Koh Samui, Thailand or Byron Bay, Australia 

drink of choice

Espresso + water

can't live without

Essential oils 

usually craving

Salad... and dark chocolate 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Schitts Creek, Parks + Recs, Modern Family

Guilt-free Chocolate Recipes 

With my easy to follow e-book you will receive:
  •  7 delicious, gluten & dairy-free, low sugar chocolate treat recipes.
  • You'll learn how to make: raw cacao chocolates, chocolate mousse, peanut butter freezer bites, vegan snickers bar, hot cacao with fresh nut-milk and easy peasy nice-cream.

And all the recipes are super simple and quick to make, because I KNOW, just like me, when you want chocolate, you want it NOW!



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