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Welcome to the Nourish Blog. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find inspiration for cooking plant based recipes, developing healthy habits and learning about intermittent fasting and essential oils. 

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Is Coffee Bad For You? (Here’s the truth).

Is coffee bad for you? (Here’s the truth).   Clients often ask me, “Is coffee bad for you?” so, here’s the truth: Coffee is medicine for some people, and poison for others. The answer to whether coffee is bad for you or not is down to how you metabolize caffeine. Just to be clear by coffee […]

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I’m Miranda.
Proving to you that healthy can be fun, and delicious! A busy working mum myself, here to share simple and effective ways to look and feel your best. 
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August 2019  THE BENEFITS OF A PLANT BASED DIET Podcast of the month ;  I’m obsessed with podcasts. I mean seriously what did I do before them? I listen when I’m out on a walk, in the bath, tidying up, driving, cooking ….  It’s the ultimate multi tasking whilst learning that appeals to the achiever within me! I […]

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WHY DETOX? Optimal health is something we already have inside of us, but it is buried through years of habits. Most of us are walking around feeling less than optimal. Sometimes it’s annoying little symptoms like achy joints or muscles, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, allergies or gas, or more serious problems such as autoimmune diseases, migraines, […]

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CAN COFFEE BE PART OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ? I.LOVE.COFFEE! But I am also keen to help my body feel it’s best. So I had to ask the question, Can coffee be part of a healthy diet? This is what I discovered….Like all good arguments there are 2 sides… YES – Arguments for … 1 Improves energy […]

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There are only a few weeks left of 2019 and the New Year is fast approaching!Have you ever made a new year’s resolution and not stuck to it?  If you said yes, it’s not just you! It’s you and just above EVERYONE else. New Year’s resolutions tend to be BIG and often far fetched goals. I […]

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I have been vegetarian since the age of 15, (let’s just say that’s now more than a few decades ago!) but my desire to be plant-based started long before my teenage years. I remember as a child not feeling comfortable with eating meat (except bacon!) and feeling funny about consuming another animals’ blood. My parents weren’t […]

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If you opened this blog expecting to find out whether it’s healthier to obtain your milk mustache from drinking skimmed or full-fat milk, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint. This isn’t an article about dairy milk, it’s about the best plant-based options. But let’s start at the beginning: Why I choose not to drink dairy […]

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The Nourish Blog

This is a blog that aims to inspire and empower you, leaving you feeling positive + uplifted about nurtition. I want to share what healthy eating really looks like free from diets, fads, quick fixes, dogmatic rules and unachievable perfectionism. 


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Healthy can be simple and delicious, let me prove it to you. 

I know it's hard to make time for yourself. The demands are endless and your to-do list is never ending. That's why being healthy needs to be a lifestyle choice, an automated part of who you are, otherwise it will never happen. It's easier than you think, let me show you! 

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