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Welcome to the Nourish Blog. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find inspiration for cooking plant based recipes, developing healthy habits and learning about intermittent fasting and essential oils. 

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Matcha Latte Recipe (Delicious and Vegan)

I love to have a matcha latte after lunch. It’s a great alternative to coffee with many health benefits. This recipe is delicious, creamy and vegan. Enjoy. What is matcha? Matcha is a green tea powder high in antioxidants. It contains caffeine so it has a stimulating effect (which can help alertness) but it also […]

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I’m Miranda.
Proving to you that healthy can be fun, and delicious! A busy working mum myself, here to share simple and effective ways to look and feel your best. 
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Are you looking for a way to use up some Autumnal fruit? Is there a more enjoyable way than via a Healthy Apple Crumble? If you don’t like apples you can use any combination of fruit you fancy: apples, pears, blackberries, plums – will all work. The topping is made using gluten free and vegan […]

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(This recipe for vegetarian lentil shepherd’s pie recipe can easily be made vegan if you substitute the creme fraiche for coconut yogurt and use a butter alternative for the mash). Did you know that eating lentils is one of the best ways you can increase your longevity? Dan Buettner, a reporter for the National Geographic […]

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How to use red lentils to make a curry Red lentils are a versatile legume full of plant based protein, fibre, iron and packed full of health promoting polyphenols. But knowing how to use red lentils can be tricky. The best way to use red lentils are in a curry or soup. Red lentils are […]

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Is Oat milk Good for Me? You thought oat milk was healthy, right? 🤷You heard it was a better alternative to mucous forming dairy, right? 🤷Unfortunatley, that’s not always the truth.   “A latte made with Oatly Barista is the toxic and inflammatory equivalent of a medium serving of french fries” Ok, we all know […]

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Easy Breakfast Idea: Overnight Oats Recipe There’s nothing that gives me the smug-mummy feeling better than having breakfast ready – the night before. It makes the morning so much simpler and helps me feel I have accomplished something before 8 a.m. If the school run isn’t stressful enough, adding to the mix the “give me […]

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HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY CHOCOLATE Does healthy chocolate really exist? Yup! Cacao is super high in many nutrients, including antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper and vitamin C. Raw cacao is a superfood. This is great news for chocolate lovers, like me!  The bad news is that most chocolate is not at all healthy. As cacao […]

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The Nourish Blog

This is a blog that aims to inspire and empower you, leaving you feeling positive + uplifted about nurtition. I want to share what healthy eating really looks like free from diets, fads, quick fixes, dogmatic rules and unachievable perfectionism. 


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Healthy can be simple and delicious, let me prove it to you. 

I know it's hard to make time for yourself. The demands are endless and your to-do list is never ending. That's why being healthy needs to be a lifestyle choice, an automated part of who you are, otherwise it will never happen. It's easier than you think, let me show you! 

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