I am on a mission to help women develop a lifelong, healthy, & sustainable relationship with food, free from guilt, restriction and punishment. 


My Story

For over a decade of my life I restricted what I ate, believed that my worth was tied to the size of my body and felt guilty for eating anything that wasn't on my 'allowed' list. 

When I found yoga in my early 20's I began to shift the way I viewed food and rather than eating low calorie processed foods I began to see food as nourishment. 

Although this was progress, I still followed strict rules around food, ate in secret and had uncontrollable binge eating episodes.

It wasn't until I changed my mindset around food that I found freedom. 

My mess has become my message, and it is now my purpose to help women use food as a form of self-care, not self-hate. 

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My Signature Programme:
Done with Diets

End dieting, restriction and feeling guilty for not eating perfectly. Join Done With Diets to receive live group coaching and all the tools you need to positively transform your relationship with food. 

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A 1:1 Consultation: 

This consultation is perfect for when you need to make a quick Tweak to what you're eating. It's not an overwhelming overhaul, instead a manageable upgrade to help support you to reach your wellness goals.  

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An at home retreat: 
The Glow Code

Feed your body with nutrient dense goodness by following this 5 day plant-rich meal plan. Enjoy the 10 glow fusion clasese to strengethen, stretch and tone. Perfect for when your body needs some TLC. 

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Tune into The Positive Nutrition Podcast 

Discover what healthy eating really is

My mission is to redefine healthy eating, free from restrictive diets and unattainable perfectionism.

Healthy eating is not about achieving a certain body type or size, or forgoing our mental health in favour of looking a certain way. Nor is it about following unsustainable or joy-draining meal plans. I believe that healthy eating is a form of self-care and self-love, it’s about counting nutrients not calories, you deserve to eat guilt free without punishment or deprivation.

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The Balanced
Plate Plan 


Create healthy, delicious, and satisfying meals with the Balanced Plate Plan. 

Learn my 'VIPS' framework to enjoy stable energy thoughout the day, fewer cravings and a calmer relationship with food. 

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