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Welcome to the Nourish Blog. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find inspiration for cooking plant based recipes, developing healthy habits and learning about intermittent fasting and essential oils. 

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What are the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar? (Is it just a fad?)

Apple cider vinegar is having a bit of a moment. Is this just a new fad, or are there any real health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar? Vinegar has been touted as a healthy remedy for centuries. And it turns out with good reason…. I used to roll my eyes when someone asked me […]

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I’m Miranda.
Proving to you that healthy can be fun, and delicious! A busy working mum myself, here to share simple and effective ways to look and feel your best. 
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How to use red lentils to make a curry Red lentils are a versatile legume full of plant based protein, fibre, iron and packed full of health promoting polyphenols. But knowing how to use red lentils can be tricky. The best way to use red lentils are in a curry or soup. Red lentils are […]

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How Carbs make you fat (which carbs to avoid and which carbs to eat) It’s that time of year when my clients start to feel a bit antsy about the thought of their upcoming Summer holiday and wearing a swimsuit for the first time in too long. Maybe you feel the same way? Trust me, I am not […]

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Should I Count Calories?  Have you ever found yourself wondering WTF should I eat?? Nutrition is confusing. Or at least it seems that way. So many conflicting opinions! Should you eat fat, or not? 🤷 How much protein do you need? 🤷 Is sugar to blame for everything? 🤷What’s better for weight loss vegan or paleo? 🤷 SO MUCH NOISE. Which […]

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Is Oat milk Good for Me? You thought oat milk was healthy, right? 🤷You heard it was a better alternative to mucous forming dairy, right? 🤷Unfortunatley, that’s not always the truth.   “A latte made with Oatly Barista is the toxic and inflammatory equivalent of a medium serving of french fries” Ok, we all know […]

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Celery Juice Benefits and Why I Drink it Everyday Celery juice, popularised by Anthony William aka the Medical Medium, is one of the biggest health crazes around these days. If you’ve been wondering why there’s no celery left on the supermarket shelves it’s because everyone is juicing it! You may not have much regard for the humble celery. Normally […]

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What are the benefits of honey?  How to choose the best one for your needs.  There’s honey and then there’s honey. There’s the mass-produced squeezy stuff which is just liquid sugar, then there is raw, unpasteurised honey with real medicinal benefits. Raw honey is not filtered, strained, or heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit and provides far more benefits than […]

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Proving that a healthy lifestyle can be simple, and delicious. 


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Healthy can be simple and delicious, let me prove it to you. 

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