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Healthy Sustainable Weight loss – Without dieting


September 20, 2022

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Read this blog post to discover how healthy, sustainable weight loss without dieting has nothing to do with calorie counting, and everything to do with the hormone insulin.


Have you heard that to lose weight you need to eat less, and exercise more?

People who know me well know that I’m not easily riled.

But this one gets to me because it is such total bullshit.

Based on the OLD, OUTDATED, BS idea of calories in calories out you could consume:

  • A low-fat yogurt with some cereal and a skimmed latte for breakfast
  • A salad with a low-fat dressing for lunch plus a diet coke and a couple of sweets
  • Some steamed vegetables and chicken for supper washed down with another diet drink. and low fat cereal bar

You could probably consume around half of your recommended daily calorific needs on a diet like this.

And what’s it going to do to you?


Our bodies are designed for survival. So when we don’t consume enough calories our bodies go into protection mode and slow down our metabolic rate so that we are expending less energy. Therefore we can ‘get by’ on the smaller number of calories we’re consuming.

We might lose weight at first on a diet like this, but we’ll also be miserable and will NEVER stick to it. Once we consume ‘normally’ again the damage has been done and we now have a slower metabolism, meaning we don’t use the energy from our food as efficiently.

I know this because I totally mucked up my metabolism when I had an eating disorder.

Healthy Sustainable Weight loss – Without dieting

The answer to healthy, sustainable weight loss without dieting is Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is very different because it’s not about consuming LESS (unless you’re overeating) it’s about EATING less often.

Our basal metabolic rate is not effected because we are consuming enough calories that our bodies don’t need to go into ‘survival’ mode and lower BMR.

How can we lose weight fasting if we don’t eat fewer calories?

I’m so pleased you asked!

It’s simple: when we don’t eat our bodies have to find another form of fuel, and it does so first by diving into glycogen stores (stored energy in our liver) and once that’s used up by using our own FAT. So our bodies run on KETONES.

The result is we lose fat (rather than muscle, which will the first to go on a calorie controlled diet).
We don’t lower our BMR because during our eating window we’re consuming enough calories.
It’s easy to do and so we stick to it, reaping the many health benefits (which includes weight loss).

Eating little and often is the exact opposite way to lose weight, as we need to go a period of time without food to be able to tap into our fat storage.

intermittent fasting

I can’t wait to share the benefits of intermittent fasting with you and show you how simple it is to incorporate into your lifestyle, so that you need never go on another diet again!

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