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How Carbs make you fat (which carbs to avoid and which carbs to eat)

May 22, 2022

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How Carbs make you fat (which carbs to avoid and which carbs to eat)

It’s that time of year when my clients start to feel a bit antsy about the thought of their upcoming Summer holiday and wearing a swimsuit for the first time in too long
Maybe you feel the same way? 
Trust me, I am not immune to the angst of wearing my bikini in public. Not that I care about being skinny or having ripped abs, to be honest, I couldn’t care less. But I do want to feel comfortable and reasonably confident which to me means: being toned, losing a little extra muffin top, and, feeling less bloated. 
And  I’m going to share with you the same information that people pay me $$ for! 
The easiest way to shed the extra Winter layer is to: 

Practice intermittent fasting with a lower carb (not NO carb) meal plan and resitance training.

low carb food

What does lower carb mean? 

First of all not all carbs are evil, they are one of the three macronutrients AKA we NEED them, and not eating them can seriously mess with your hormones (especially if you’re female) and your metabolism. 
But there is a distinction to be had. 
We do not need REFINED CARBS, and we should avoid them, not just for a trim bod but for our overall health because they cause inflammation in the body and contain 0-little nutrition. 
The type of carbs we want to eat in moderation are UNREFINED CARBS which are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

Refined carbs are:

👿Anything containing sugar (think cakes, muffins, sweets) 👿Anything containing flour (think bread, pasta, pancakes) 👿Anything that is in a packet or a box (think cereal, crisps, crackers) 

Unrefined carbs are: 

👼Any whole vegetable or fruit 👼Wholegrains with their fiber still intact, if it’s been made into a flour the fiber has been removed (think rolled, oats, brown rice, quinoa) 👼Legumes (beans and lentils) 
Nothing sabotages your healthy habits and efforts more than nutrient-void, highly processed carbohydrates. 
The biggest issue with these foods (aside from the fact that they are empty calories) is that they raise your blood sugar level which releases insulin. 
Do you know what insulins job is? (Probably not, unless you’re diabetic or studied nutrition or biology why would you!) Insulins’ job is to remove sugar from the bloodstream and STORE it as ENERGY or FAT. So once you have enough glycogen (stored energy) there’s no more room in the inn and any extra gets stored as fat. 
The easiest way to shift a few unwanted pounds and lose fat rather than water or muscle is to keep blood sugar labels stable so that insulin isn’t raised. 
3 ways to keep blood sugar stable: 1 Intermittent fasting 2 Avoiding refined carbs 3 Building more muscle 
So now you know which carbs to avoid, and which ones should be enjoyed in moderation. GREAT. 
But you’re probably wondering: what the heck is intermittent fasting and how do I do that?  
Don’t worry I have got you covered!

Intermittent fasting

You can get my free guide to start intermittent fasting TODAY, in which you’ll learn: 

  • How to create your fasting window 
  • What you can consume during your fast 
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting 

And do you know one of my favourite things about intermittent fasting, it actually saves time as there’s one less meal to prepare, so what are you waiting for?

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