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Make time for Meditation to Change Your Life

February 19, 2022

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Meditation is a practice. No one is perfect at it, and no one can’t do it. You sit down every day to practice it and some days it goes better than others. There’s no right or wrong way. 
All that matters is that you DO IT. Like the habit of drinking more water or eating more veggies, you can choose not to do it – you don’t have to do it – and the temptation to blow it off is extremely large, but if you make a habit of it you’ll start to crave it (in the same way you will the veggies and the water) and your whole life can change as a result. 
The purpose of mediation is to quiet our thoughts to connect with source energy and inner guidance. 
Our habitual thoughts are often unproductive, judgemental, mean, and unhelpful. When we realise what a monkey our minds are, we can choose to distance ourselves from it and connect to something greater. 
When we meditate we practice getting into the vortex and connecting with source energy which automatically brings us: 

  • Into the present moment 
  • Raises our frequency
  • Opens us up to unlimited information and ideas 
  • Relaxes us 
  • Relieves stress 
  • Strengthens our intuition and ability to focus 
  • Allows us to hear our inner voice more clearly 
  • Fills us with light and love 
  • Puts us in a good mood 
  • Helps us love ourselves 

Here are some basic meditation tips : 

  • Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or a chair, rest your hands on your knees or in your lap 
  • Sit up straight and relax your face and jaw 
  • Close your eyes or keep them a tiny bit open, if you prefer, and gaze softly on the ground 
  • Focus on your breathing, notice it moving in and out of your body, you don’t need to breathe in any special way 
  • Gently release any thoughts that come into your brain and gently refocus on your breathing 
  • Keep your mind as clear and empty as possible and listen to intuitive guidance that may or may not come through 

Additional suggestions : 

  • Use a timer – we have enough distractions going on without worrying about how long we have been sitting still!
  • Light a candle and focus on it if it helps you feel less distracted 
  • Imagine a bright beam of light shooting down from the sky and entering through your entire body starting at the crown of your head and then out through your bottom – and back up to the sky – so it creates a complete circle 
  • Use a mantra which means traveling across the mind – you can use any mantra – I like to inhale let and exhale go. 
  • Try to meditate first thing in the morning and/or before bed at night
  • If you need help figuring out something in your life – set an intention or ask for help in your meditation practice – part of meditation is about receiving information from the universe – setting intentions and praying are sending information out to the universe. You can start with a question and see if any answers come to you whilst you meditate or meditate first – open up the channel – clear the chatter – and then ask the question. 

Guided meditation: 
You can use apps like calm or headspace or the endless free meditations available on youtube. You can also sign up to my beginners guide to meditation here:
We’re all busy, but we have to prioritise what is important and the benefits of meditation are wide-ranging and so worthwhile.Distraction has become so normal – especially with technology – meditation is a much-needed respite from the madness and helps stop us from becoming super scattered to become clear and intentional about what’s truly important to us. 
PS I originally wrote this as part of a free 7 day programme that I run called the Radiance Reset. You can learn more about what the Radiance Reset is all about and join here.

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