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How to reduce stomach bloating (5 easy tips to beat the bloat)

February 19, 2022

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​​​​​How to reduce stomach bloating (5 tips to beat the bloat)

Miranda Lewis 

I lived for years not knowing what size my belly would be that day. Some days it would be fairly flat and look normal for my size 8 frame, and other days it would look like I was 6 months pregnant. I am not exaggerating.
I could sit down to a meal feeling ‘normal’ only to get up from the table carrying a baseball in my belly. 
I had scans, visited gastroenterologists, tried different diets (including starving myself) all to no avail. 
I am ecstatic to say that after a long journey,  it’s a much rarer occurrence for my belly to swell up to the size of a balloon, it does still happen, but so much less often, and I’m so grateful that I have learned some tools to deal with it now. 
I know how incredibly lonely and frustrating it is to be told by doctors that

  • “There’s nothing wrong” 
  • “It’s psychosomatic” 
  • “You have “IBS” 
  • “Try these anti-depressants”

(All things I heard). 
I know how much it can knock your self-esteem and confidence to live with a bloated belly.
Please know that even if you have lived with this for decades, there is a solution. There are literally infinite possibilities and I trust you will heal.

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Whilst of course everyone is individual, these are 5 of my best tips for beating the bloat: 

  • 1 Find your food triggers. 

I know that this is easier said than done. Most of my clients say to me that it’s impossible to work out their food triggers, and I too remember finding it very difficult. Often we are consuming the foods so regularly, and there’s so much overlap that it becomes impossible to distinguish which food created the bloat in the first place. There’s also the issue that a little of a certain food e.g. gluten won’t cause bloating, but the cumulative effect of eating too much e.g. gluten will. 


My best advice for establishing what your food triggers are: 
1 Look at the list of FODMAPS and experiment with reducing all FODMAP high foods for 8 weeks. 2 Try kinesiologySee this video for a thorough explanation of what kinesiology is, but basically, it’s the body’s way of talking. My kinesiologist Phil is amazing and can see clients online. You can email him at 3 If you have an inkling of what your food trigger might be omit that food from your diet for 30 days and keep a food diary to observe the impact. 

  • 2 Probiotics?

Many people think that taking probiotics can help them with their belly bloat. And for some, it can. For many, it just makes it worse. 
The issue is that it’s not as simple as adding the good guys in, the bad bacteria/excess yeast/candida/pathogens need to be removed first. This is why on our 30 Day Lifestyle Reset Programme we recommend a supplement called GX assist before the introduction of probiotics. 
GX assist is an all-natural fantastic supplement to help support a healthy digestive tract by creating an unfriendly environment for potential threats that can disrupt digestive immunities and cause digestive upset. After taking GX assist for 10 days I recommend taking probiotics to re-populate the gut with good bacteria. (Let me know if you want to discuss the use of these supplements). 

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  • 3 Use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

On the odd occasion that I do still get the bloat, I don’t panic because I know that I have a solution that works almost instantly.I use the digestive blend or peppermint essential oil both topically and internally and it quickly relieves any discomfort. 
You can book a free 15-minute essential oil consultation with me here to establish an essential oil protocol that would work best for your needs.  
* Please note that whilst these essential oils really help, they are the ‘medicine’ not the solution. It’s still important to work out the root cause of the issue. 

slow down

  • 4 Chew your food and eat s-l-o-w-l-y 

It’s boring but it’s true. 
Digestion starts in the mouth and we need to chew our food and eat slowly. 
It’s also a good idea to avoid drinking anything with your meals (other than a few sips) for 30 minutes before and after eating. 
I also often recommend my clients take a digestive enzyme before a meal, which helps them break down their foods more effectively. (This is also a supplement we recommend in our 30-day Lifestyle Reset Programme).  

  • 5 Move your body
Try this yoga class specifically for aiding digestion, go for a walk or do any kind of movement that brings you joy. 
I hope these tips help you! Trust me, I know what it’s like, you’re not alone! 💗
If you’d like to book a power hour de-bloat session with me simply e-mail BLOATED to and I would be happy to help!

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