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What are hormones?

January 19, 2022

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What the heck are hormones? 

If you’re like me and never had any problems with your hormones, you’ve probably never given it much thought. But there may be some issues going on that you’re not even aware are related to hormones…. 
coz hormones do much more than make babies 👶 We normally only think about hormones when something goes wrong. We have awful period pains, we can’t get pregnant, we start growing hair in places it doesn’t belong 😬 But by understanding hormones you can become more aware of the warning signs. Hormones affect our overall health. They are chemical messengers that deliver information from the brain to different organs.  READ THAT AS THEY ARE DARN IMPORTANT, AND WE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. The factors that tend to throw hormones out of homeostasis, are the same ones that you need to address to bring them back into balance. That’s a massive YAY because it means that you don’t need to live with the symptoms that you might have been told are ‘normal’ or ‘to be expected at your age.’ The main factors are:

  1. Chronic stress
  2. Toxins within our environmen
  3. What we eat/don’t eat

 There are simple lifestyle habits you can implement to help re-address the balance: 

1 Learn to manage stress effectively 

My-go to tools include:1. Daily meditation (If your new to meditation grab my beginners guide here)2. Daily exercise (try this morning yoga routine) 3. Self-care habits, like a candlelit bath with Epsom salts and essential oils 4. Morning routine (see this blog for the routine I follow)5. 8 hours sleep a night. 

2 Reduce toxins in your home 

1. Ditch your perfume (use essential oils instead, request a sample here). 2. Change your house-cleaning products to chemical-free ones, or make your own using essential oils and other simple ingredients like white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda & castille soap (see here for more inspiration.) 3. Diffuse essential oils instead of burning fragranced candles (see my DIY candle making blog)4. Use low tox beauty & bath/shower products (see this blog) 5. Use cleaner makeup brands (I use Tropic). 

3. Eat for hormonal health

  • Eat a whole-food diet focussed on veggies
  • Ensure you have enough fibre in your diet (e.g. veggies, whole grains like brown rice, chia seeds and fruit). 
  • Eat omega 3 rich wild fish or supplement if you’re vegetarian/vegan (see this blog)
  • Eat protein with every meal (see here for a list of veggie/vegan proteins
  • Eliminate gluten for 30 days to notice if you have an intolerance (see here for my gluten-free guide
  • Eliminate refined sugar, processed foods, refined carbohydrates (I have lots of healthier sweet treats on the blog, like this one)
  • Reduce to 1 cup of coffee or 2 cups of tea a day 
  • Reduce (or ideally remove) alcohol to as little as possible. 


 1 What hormones are2 The role they play in the functioning of overall health 3 Factors that you can CONTROL to help achieve hormonal balance 4 The use of essential oils as a super effective (plus delicious for your nose) tool.


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