Bespoke health coaching

It's time to make friends with your body. 

A health coach (that's me!) will create a bespoke wellness plan to support you on your journey from where you are now, to where you want to be, by creating a tailored, individualised wellness plan based on your goals. And support you through the process to make it into a reality.

Think of me as your co-pilot, helping you find and stay on the right path. 

real talk:

If you keep hitting snooze on your wellbeing, until a less busy time comes along, you may just be hitting snooze forever. 

The juggle is real, and I get it. 
But busy- ness isn't an anomaly. It's a regular part of life, and it's here to stay.
When is life ever not going to be busy?
If you're looking for the "right time" you'll never find it, the key is to making a healthy lifestyle that fits into your current schedule. It's simpler than you expect.

And I'm here to help you do it. 

i can help because i've been there

Once I viewed food as calories, now I see it as nourishment. 

I know how easy it is to put yourself bottom of the list, to think you're doing fine but deep down know that you need to do things differently. For many years I lived the anthesis of a healthy lifestyle. I smoked, drank, used appetite suppressants and only saw food as something that made me fat.

Then I learnt to love myself, and you can too. 

The Game Changer:
10 1-1 45 minute sessions

What goals can health coaching help me achieve?

I can coach and educate you to make beneficial changes to your lifestyle to provide you with long-lasting results. I can help you develop a more mindful and positive attitude towards eating, manage cravings, increase energy and regulate your mood. Together, we can map out what ‘healthy’ looks like for you, and I will help you to set realistic health and wellness goals, break old habits and build new ones, to discover and explore your personal strengths, values and motivations.

What is health coaching?

Using my experience and knowledge from IIN (Institute of Integrative  Nutrition), I can guide you to develop healthy eating plans and a lifestyle that suits your bio-individual needs. Together, we will unravel the mystery of your thoughts, diving deep into your inner world, looking at your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours surrounding food, diet, and lifestyle. We will explore your habits, routines, cravings and desires, deciding how best to approach change.

“Miranda was the inspiration for me to become a yoga teacher, leave my corporate life and finally start the business I had kept in my dreams. Her love, compassion, energy and support is second to none. I feel very grateful to have her in my life.”


Is This Right For You?

YOu want to see results quickly, but you want them to be sustainable 

You need someone 'there' otherwise you just know you're not going to do it! 

You're ready to make your dreams a reality 

You're fed up of having the best intentions, but never actually doing things differently

You've realised you would benefit from support and you're not ashamed to ask for it (sigh of relief) 

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“Miranda is like an oasis of calm that  envelopes you in stillness and relaxation. She is a wonderful teacher and friend who never fails to leave you feeling better inside and out.”


What can be done in a power hour

Examples of how you can use your hour with me: 


I can create a weekly meal plan for you based on your goals and preferences. 


Answer any questions you have as you  transition to plant based eating 


Do live demonstrations of healthy recipes that would work for you and your needs 


Work through a food diary with you and help you make some easy switches to healthier choices 


Clear out your pantry with you, chucking out what doesn't serve you and creating a list of healthy essentials. 

“I feel so grateful to you, your coaching, advice and support. I feel so blessed to have met you and for you be in my life through my various challenges and growth. ”

- Karin lutz, COACH, FRANCE


Imagine having the niggling question answered, or realising why you haven't been able to loose the weight you've been hoping to, or finally understanding how to create the perfect salad that you actually want to eat every lunch time. 
Whatever you need help with,  I look forward to connecting.  
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