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Welcome to the Wellness Buddies

This is our incredible community of like-minded women who have purchased essential oils through our community.  

Learn about the power of plant based medicine 

The purpose of the Wellness Buddies is to provide you with easy to follow low-tox, emotional well-being, pain, energy, supplementation, and cleaning alternatives for those who prioritise and value their well being. New content every month and loads of resources to support you on your journey. 

I want you to have access to everything you need to get the most out of your essential oils, from day 1! 

my story

How I became an essential oil addict. 

I bought essential oils shortly after my second daughter was born because she had eczema and I had gut issues and I was desperate for a solution. 

I was so excited when my oils arrived and I followed the guidance of - my now - friend Gus to safely and effectively understand how to use plant power. 



I could not believe that I had got to 35 years old without knowing about the healing properties of therapeutic grade essential oils, and have since made it my mission to share with anyone interested! 



I will write a bespoke essential oil protocol for you based on your health goals.  


Once you have purchased your oils you will have access to all of the Wellness Buddies Resources, and my guidance and support. 

Kind Words

Miranda has been a great support and resource as I learn more about my oils. I love attending her oil workshops and she is always on hand to help answer any questions. 

— Sarah knight, graphic designer + mum 

Since I made the night terror blend, Kayleigh has slept every single night. That's one week of peaceful sleep. Thank you so much! 

— Mahesha Rice, business owner + Mum 


The Wellness Buddies Collective

We’re excited to help reconnect you with mother nature and your intuition, empowering you with natural solutions so you can make informed choices around the way you take care of your physical, mental and emotional health.

We are passionate about creating a warm, friendly and caring community based on education and our shared love for natural wellbeing and doTERRA essential oils.

When you purchase essential oils through the Wellness Buddies, you get access to all of our resources and community, 

1:1 support

You also get me as your essential oil guide 

I'll walk you through exactly how to implement essential oils into your life. We can chat on the phone, via What'sApp, or email - whatever works for you! We will discuss how to use the oils, which ones are going to help impact the health issues you or your family are dealing with, exactly how to use oils with your kids and what oils can support you mentally and emotionally based on the stage of life you are in and what you have going on. 

I will give you a 30 day protocol to follow and make it super easy for you to integrate essential oils into your daily routine. 

“Miranda is a knowledgeable practitioner. Her lifestyle and ethos is grounded on the power of essential oils. Her complete sincerity and dedication to helping others is truly admirable. She is such a lovely lady, very special!” 

Diane, school teacher, oxfordshire

You Will Get:

+ a 30 day essential oil protocol to follow 

+ 1-1 support from me

+ access to the wellness buddies facebook group + members website 

+ an app to look up ailments 

Sound good?

get your protocol here 

Guilt-free Chocolate Recipes 

With my easy to follow e-book you will receive:
  •  7 delicious, gluten & dairy-free, low sugar chocolate treat recipes.
  • You'll learn how to make: raw cacao chocolates, chocolate mousse, peanut butter freezer bites, vegan snickers bar, hot cacao with fresh nut-milk and easy peasy nice-cream.

And all the recipes are super simple and quick to make, because I KNOW, just like me, when you want chocolate, you want it NOW!



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